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  • Crashes - 1.1.4/1.1.6/1.2.8
  • Works (with problems) - 1.2.5beta/1.2.7



  • Editor needs to be on the same disk as the Game, as the modding tools use the base games files - they both install to the same folder, and that only works if they are on the same disk
  • On map save overwrites settlements.xml (crashes if this file is not present or has errors)
  • On map save Editor does not write/update/generate settlements_distance_cache.bin

NPC99: Saving uses extra memory. So, sometimes if you are over 80% use of your RAM its worth waiting for 10 minutes or so for the idle Editor to release some memory before saving.

High CPU usage

In the Visibility tab turn off Game Entities, Helpers and Shadows

Looking down to the ground also helps, so no entities will be visible.


Use ButterLib or attach dnSpy to the game to catch the crashes. Do not use both at the same time, dnSpy gets confused.

Does not start

  • Version mismatch with the base game - does not start at all, no process - install same version
  • Hanged previous process - Close on Steam or check the Task Manager, kill the old process

Closes when Play button is clicked

slelukh: Install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

Editor Crashes

Crash when deleting used texture

After crash/restart Texture appears deleted

Crash on the map save

  • settlements.xml missing from /MOD/ModuleData folder

  • When there is some error in the XML files (settlements.xml?) Double < Settlements/> for example

  • Last line in the log: opening ../../Modules/MODULE_NAME/ModuleData/settlements.xml - missing settlements.xml

Crash on the interior scene save


PSA: for scenes crashing on saves - add a terrain, even if your scene is interior and you would normally not need it
can be really small, like 2x2, 16 node dimension
and just hide it away in a corner of the map or put entities on top of it
terrain present in scene = no crashing on save

Crash when deleting the paint layer

No solution yet. Can't delete the layer...

Log shows: [22:19:02.024] rglTerrain_shader_generator::handle_mesh_blend_state : 0.012403

Crash on exit

Reason: ??

Game crashes

  • Not fully saved map - could be the reason that game was active/loaded/in progress when map was saved. Exit the game, then save the map in the Editor. Check map folder, should see following files:

Hangs on map save in the Editor

Possible causes:

  • Too much terrain editing (Smoothing?)
  • Erasing a lot of info on some layer

To cancel the Save, use X from the Taskbar:

Try to save again.

NOTE: after the save Editor often crashes. (At least you saved your last changes)

Controls stops to work


Assert Spam

Spams ASSERT windows on start.

FairyTale assert

This one because in file project.mbproj entry was above entry:


<base type="solution">
    <Module id="soln_physics_materials" name="ModuleData/physics_materials.xml" type="physics_material"/>
    <file id="soln_face_animation_records" name="ModuleData/NoBigSmiles.xml" type="face_animation_record" />

Bad (with assert spam):

<base type="solution">
    <file id="soln_face_animation_records" name="ModuleData/NoBigSmiles.xml" type="face_animation_record" />
    <Module id="soln_physics_materials" name="ModuleData/physics_materials.xml" type="physics_material"/>