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Mod Release


Change version(s) in SubModule.xml


Run several years with Better Time mod to make sure there are no crashes.


Make whole mod folder backup!

Exporting the Module via the Modding Tools packs Assets/AssetSources/RuntimeDataCache into AssetPackages/pack0.tpac

Delete folders:

  • Assets
  • AssetSources
  • RuntimeDataCache
  • GUI/SpriteParts
  • SceneEditData

Test in the real game!



    <DependedModuleMetadata id="Native" order="LoadBeforeThis" version="1.1.0"/>
    <DependedModuleMetadata id="SandBoxCore" order="LoadBeforeThis" version="1.1.0"/>
    <DependedModuleMetadata id="Sandbox" order="LoadBeforeThis"  version="1.1.0"/>
    <DependedModuleMetadata id="StoryMode" order="LoadBeforeThis" version="1.1.0"/>


Header image

Header image size: 1536x438

Primary image

For primary image to show properly, aspect ratio is important. Resized image is 236x133, so use these sizes:

1180 x 665
1416 x 798
1652 x 931
1888 x 1064
2124 x 1197
2360 x 1330


Preparing Your Module For Publishing

Why some modders don't like Steam:

  • They don't earn money from downloads on Steam Workshop
  • In order to publish on Steam Workshop it's necessary to launch up the scene editor and do a whole bunch of extra steps
  • Auto updates look convenient at first glance but they are forced-fed and can brick hundreds of hours worth of saves easily
  • Nightmarish standard folder structure, based on workshop ID number instead of names. It's absolute garbage to backup/maintain a complex list