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Mod Release


Make whole mod folder backup!

Exporting the Module via the Modding Tools packs Assets/AssetSources/RuntimeDataCache into AssetPackages/pack0.tpac

Delete folders:

  • Assets
  • AssetSources
  • RuntimeDataCache
  • GUI/SpriteParts
  • SceneEditData

Test in the real game!



    <DependedModuleMetadata id="Native" order="LoadBeforeThis" version="1.1.0"/>
    <DependedModuleMetadata id="SandBoxCore" order="LoadBeforeThis" version="1.1.0"/>
    <DependedModuleMetadata id="Sandbox" order="LoadBeforeThis"  version="1.1.0"/>
    <DependedModuleMetadata id="StoryMode" order="LoadBeforeThis" version="1.1.0"/>


Header image

Header image size: 1536x438

Primary image

For primary image to show properly, aspect ratio is important. Resized image is 236x133, so use these sizes:

1180 x 665
1416 x 798
1652 x 931
1888 x 1064
2124 x 1197
2360 x 1330


Preparing Your Module For Publishing

Why some modders don't like Steam:

  • They don't earn money from downloads on Steam Workshop
  • In order to publish on Steam Workshop it's necessary to launch up the scene editor and do a whole bunch of extra steps
  • Auto updates look convenient at first glance but they are forced-fed and can brick hundreds of hours worth of saves easily
  • Nightmarish standard folder structure, based on workshop ID number instead of names. It's absolute garbage to backup/maintain a complex list