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  • dnSpy - .NET debugger and assembly editor
  • BareTail - real-time log monitoring, same as tail -f on Linux but for Windows


  • TpacTool - an open source asset explorer which can open TPAC format files, view and export the contents. Fork
  • BannerEdge Its purpose is to provide ease of access to native game UI files by splitting the spritesheet atlas images into its individual sprite parts.
  • Fmod Bank Tools - Extracts and Rebuilds Fmod .bank files, for example: Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Sounds\PC\


  • BannerlordDataTools - an unnoficial open source modding toolset, based on Unity3D Editor. That contains special editors for all most important moddeable data in Bannerlord.
  • XML Translator - This tool finds all the texts in the xml file and translates it into your language.
  • SceneFromGIS - Create scenes for video game maps from real geographic data.
  • 7-Zip file archiver - Lesser Scholar mentioned that it helps to avoid problems with DLLs
  • AssertAutoIgnore - A standalone executable that looks for assert popups while Bannerlord is running and closes them automatically


  • ripgrep - file grep/search program

  • Edit System environment variables:

  • Usage:
    cd to the game folder
    rg -C 3 "is_merchandise="


Rhubarb Lip Sync allows you to quickly create 2D mouth animation from voice recordings.

rhubarb.exe -f xml -o D:\audio.xml D:\audio.ogg