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TextObject text = new TextObject("I am grateful, {HERO}. I can tell you my family is currently seeking out proposals.", null).SetTextVariable("HERO", Hero.MainHero.Name);

Global text variables

MBTextManager.SetTextVariable("REFUSE_RESPONSE", "Do I look like I know anything about trading?", false);


TextObject textObject3 = new TextObject("We have been together in many wars. Including many against your {?IS_SAME_CULTURE}people{?}allies{\\?}, I should add.", null);
textObject3.SetTextVariable("IS_SAME_CULTURE", (Hero.MainHero.Culture == culture) ? 1 : 0);
TextObject textObject = new TextObject("You are known as a {?HERO.GENDER}woman{?}man{\\?} of honor. You may know me as one as well.", null);
StringHelpers.SetCharacterProperties("HERO", hero.CharacterObject, textObject, false);