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Put your sprites (PNG files) into folder:


In file:



    <SpriteCategory Name="ui_{YOUR_CATEGORY_NAME}">

to always load your sprite category. Read here if you want to manage loading manually.


INSTALLATION_PATH\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_wEditor\TaleWorlds.TwoDimension.SpriteSheetGenerator.exe

Do not forget to press ENTER to finish the script and unlock the PNG, otherwise it will not be accessible.

Run Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Modding Kit from Steam.
Make sure your module is selected in the Mods section of the Launcher, then hit “Play”.
Alt + `


Collapse the folder named Native on the left of the resource browser to see your module easily. Then, select your module.

Open the GauntletUI folder in your module.

press the “Scan new asset files” button which is pointed with a red arrow below

If nothing happens
  1. Make sure you ran TaleWorlds.TwoDimension.SpriteSheetGenerator.exe

    SpriteSheetGenerator.exe will create two folders named Assets and AssetSources under Modules\YOUR_MODULE_NAME.
    It will also create a SpriteData.xml file (with a prefix of your module name) under Modules\YOUR_MODULE_NAME\GUI.

    Check these folders/files to make sure they were generated properly.

  2. If you are adding new sprites for the existing category or updating the old ones - make sure you did proper reimport as described below.

Make sure your files are selected then press the Import button. Then, you should see something similar to this:

Close the resource browser and the Editor(game). You should now see a new file named ui_{YOUR_CATEGORY_NAME}_1_tex.tpac under Modules\YOUR_MODULE_NAME\Assets\GauntletUI.

Reimport or add more sprites for the same category

  • Put new/updated PNG into GUI\SpriteParts\ui_{YOUR_CATEGORY_NAME}
  • Run TaleWorlds.TwoDimension.SpriteSheetGenerator.exe
  • In resource.show_resource_browser press RMB on the existing category and select Reimport:


Quite an interesting way to have strething sprites. Top/bottom/left/right margins can be fixed and what's between - stretched.

Good explanation here.

Defined in the sprite file as:


Possible problems

Sprite not visible in the game

Make sure there is

<AlwaysLoad />

in the MODULE_NAMESpriteData.xml under your category.

If it's not, make sure you configured it into Config.xml and category name starts with ui_

Config.xml should be in the SpriteParts folder.

Sprite resized in a weird way

Possible reason: you added a new sprite, executed TaleWorlds.TwoDimension.SpriteSheetGenerator.exe but failed to Reimport with the Resource Browser.

Missing texture

Make sure you imported your sprite into the Resource Browser and tpac file was generated in the Assets or AssetPackages (after Mod publishing) folder.