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CampaignTime Struct Reference

int hour = (int)CampaignTime.Now.CurrentHourInDay;
Campaign.CurrentTime { return (float)CampaignTime.Now.ToHours; }

Now, Never, IsFuture, IsPast, IsNow, IsDayTime, IsNightTime

Get details

GetHourOfDay, GetDayOfWeek, GetDayOfSeason, GetDayOfYear, GetSeasonOfYear, GetYear

Time diff from/to in normal time units

CampaignTime.ElapsedDaysUntilNow (Milliseconds, Seconds, Hours, Days, Weeks, Seasons, Years)

RemainingMillisecondsFromNow ...

Time diff from/to in CampaignTime

MillisecondsFromNow, SecondsFromNow, MinutesFromNow, HoursFromNow, DaysFromNow, WeeksFromNow, YearsFromNow

Conversion to normal Time units

ToMilliseconds, ToSeconds. ToMinutes, ToHours, ToDays, ToWeeks, ToSeasons, ToYears

Conversion to CampaignTime

public static CampaignTime Milliseconds(long valueInMilliseconds), Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Seasons, Years


Campaign.SetTimeSpeed (0/1/2)