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Video Tutorials


Lesser Scholar

Modding tutorial series | 19 parts


Mod setup, dialogs, game menu, GauntletUI, etc.

Other tutorials

Macbeth of Gondor: Scene Editor Tutorial Series

  1. Getting Started - create terrain, elevation & paint terrain
  2. Flora painting
  3. Create Entities & Testing
  4. Map borders & Barriers
  5. Texture Blending, Retexturing & LOD
  6. Outer mesh (Background landscape)
  7. Navmesh
  8. Navmesh Episode 2
  9. Import Heightmap & Material Maps
  10. Spawnpoints & Flee lines
  11. How to test in Custom Battle (Battle Terrain)
  12. How to add dead trees
  13. How to bend an entity (Curved walls)
  14. Seasons
  15. Decals & How to make a road
  16. How to make a Windmill
  17. Quick Navmeshing
  18. How to make a prefab
  19. Barriers

Modding Through XML Editing

Modding Tools

Danqna and Gispry: Mod Creation Tutorials

Carolina Warlord Gaming: Modding Tutorials

  1. Adding Troops
  2. Custom World Map Module and Adding Settlements
  3. Adding Armor, Mount & Blade
  4. Adding Custom Sprites

GlorifiedPig: Create a Mod


Ozan ├ťrkmez: Custom Spawns Mod Tutorials

Adam Dotla─Źil


Kingclone: Mapping Tutorial

Lykon Development


Table Flip Games

Major Roy Gaming

Advanced AI Studios

The Lone Warrior

That Horns Guy



3D Modeling & Texturing tutorial playlists

Provided by Gambit77

Ladnar Gaming

Space Pot8to