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How to change game version

Backup current version

1) Exit from the Steam. DO NOT CLOSE IT with top-right X. Exit from the menu: Steam - Exit:

2) Backup current version's file:

appmanifest_261550.acf in the ../Steam/steamapps folder

I put version number at the end of the backup file.

3) Rename the current Bannerlord's folder (I add version at the end):

4) Start the Steam, RMB on Bannerlord -> Properties -> Betas -> Select the version you need, wait till the installation finishes.

CONGRATS! Now you have new(old/different) Bannerlord version.

How to go back to the previous version

1) Exit Steam

2) Backup current version as written above

3) Rename backup appmanifest_261550.acf_VERSION to appmanifest_261550.acf

4) Rename backup Bannerlord folder to the original name Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

5) Start Steam

6) Play Bannerlord!